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Any undergraduate student who obtains at the end of the semester a weighted average of 1.25 to 1.45 is given the honorific scholarship. University Scholars are listed in the Campus Director's/Chancellor's list of scholars.


Any undergraduate student not being classed as university scholar who obtains at the end of the semester a weighted average of 1.50 to 1.75 is given the honorific scholarship. College scholars are listed in the Dean's list of scholars.


All the children/dependents of all Regular Faculty members of LSPU enjoy free tuition for the duration of the undergraduate study on full load basis.


LSPU provides incentives to deserving athletes further produce dedicated athletes and medal producing performers. Scholarships are divided into:

  1. Full Scholarship/Training Allowance
    • SSCUAA or STRAA medalists whether gold, silver and bronze
    • Grade average of 2.5 for the semester immediately proceeding.
    • Posses good moral character.
  2. Half Scholarship/Training Allowance
    • Point Contributors in SCUAA and STRAA
    • SCUAA and STRAA Finalists
    • Average grade of 3 and maximum grade of 2.75


In recognition of the skillful ability of the students to play musical instruments, interpret notes, and rhythms and ultimately play beautiful music together in a band, a reward system by way of scholarship to bonafide students who qualify as members of the LSPU Band is being recommended. The University President upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee of the Office to the Student Affairs approves the application for scholarship.
Any student who qualifies in this scholarship is entitled to free tuition fee as authorized by the state institution. Likewise, a student who qualifies in this scholarship must attend all band trainings and/or practice.